Peer-to-peer trading powered by smart contracts

Buy and sell cryptocurrencies across several blockchains using peer-to-peer telegram bots powered by smart contracts.

BSC Bot (soon) Ethereum Bot (soon) RSK Bot Polygon Bot (soon)

Not your keys, not your coins

Do not leave your funds on exchanges. Stay in control over your keys and keep your funds safe.

Keep your privacy

No sign-ups or KYC required to start using the bot. Simply set up a telegram account and start buying and selling assets.

On-chain security

Funds are safely managed on-chain by smart contracts that protect buyers and sellers.

P2P Bot



Forget exchanges that can lose or freeze your funds. Trade crypto assets the right way: peer-to-peer.

No forced sign-up and KYC

No need to provide personal information just to start trading your assets.


All you need is a telegram account with a username and a crypto wallet to start trading!


Funds are safely escrowed and managed on-chain by smart contracts.

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